Obtaining Test Results

Hi everyone,

I had evoked potentials in July and an MRI last week and was due to be seeing my neurologist in December but I have had a letter informing me that my appointment has been cancelled and I have been added back into the waiting list (the person doing my MRI told me that he had gone off on long term sick and they had no idea if/when he would be back). I am also waiting for a lumbar puncture appointment but have had no word of that yet.

:Last year the waiting list for here in Northern Ireland was 2-3 years, maybe longer. Will I be added to the back of the queue or bumped up as my appointment was due in a few weeks? Can I get my results sent directly to either me or my GP? I don’t fancy waiting years to find out the results!

Any advice you can give would be very much appreicated :slight_smile:

chuffin eckythump!

So long for tests/results?

Things must be worse over there…thought we had it bad here!

If you ring the neuro`s secretary, you may get the answer.


Yeah, our waiting times seem to be particularly awful and I’m sure now that we are one neurologist down it will be even worse. I originally went private for my initial consultation last year so at least I got into the system that way. There must be people who have waited that long for an initial appointment and just got the same letter I did, it’s awful :frowning: I will call his secretary tomorrow and see what she can tell me. Thanks!