How long for results??

So I had a lumbar puncture and vep test on 8th July I was told 2 weeks for LP results and waiting for letter to arrive every time I see postman lol my MRI results were quick and neurologist wrote to me and gp.

how long roughly do vep and LP results usually take before you hear anything?

thanks x

About 4 weeks for mine x

My LP results took around 8 weeks


give it another 6 weeks and then ring the consultants secretary.

I have an appointment to see my neuro on 4th September I was just expected to have my results before I go see him, unless he doesn’t want to tell me results in a letter I’ll try his secretary Monday if she can’t tell me results I’ll wait I’m guess it wasn’t clear or he would tell me in a letter.

Thanks x

My neuro wrote to my GP with the results of my MRI and sent me a copy of the letter. I then had an evoked potential test and a lumbar puncture, but I only go the results when I saw my neuro again, almost 2 months after the LP and longer after the other test. I have read that neuros are supposed to give a diagnosis of MS face to face, so I guess that’s why my neuro didn’t write to me with the results of the EP and LP.

I wasn’t too bothered: what mattered to me was having the follow-up appointment with the neuro lined up. I knew he would tell me the results at that appointment, which he did.

What happened to my comment???

Thanks Mitzi just been a long road of not knowing and family thinks I’m fine as the appointment isn’t sooner I can wait :slight_smile:

no idea vinnygirl sorry.

thanks all for replys x

D’you know what??.. I reckon I’ve written a comment but forgotten to post it! My memory is getting worse!! :-0

What I did comment with was my LP result took two months. The longest wait of my life!! Hope all your much anticipated results come soon xx

Mine took 2 months, but looking back they waited to my neuro appointment so he DX face to face, whenever I phoned his secretary she wouldn’t give me the results.

good luck , I know the wait is awful


Thanks all x

ill just wait until next month and not bother his secretary just been a long road but one more month to wait.

appriciate the replys

Hi Alysea,

It took about 6 weeks for me to receive the results of my lumbar puncture but it can vary on what is being tested.

Hope this helps.


Well my MRI showed areas of inflammation LP and vep is to confirm diagnoses of MS I can wait 4 weeks not that far away.

thanks Robert.