E-mailed my neuro - eek!

I had tests 2 weeks ago, MRI, VEP and LP.


I know it's only been 2 weeks, but I am so dying to know the results!!  So I have just sent an e-mail to my neuro!!

EEEK!   I sort of wish I hadn't now!!  blush

Hi Jules,

I think it can take a bit longer than two weeks for the LP results - there may be others who've received them in that time, but for me it took about a month & he'd already booked my next appt with him to discuss them. 

Are you due to see your neuro again soon?

Good luck - I hope that you get some answers from the tests.

Debbie xx 



HI Debbie,

The last I saw of my neuro when he said he'd organise these tests fro me, but no follow up was made, I just received the appointment for the tests.  The Dr who actually done my LP told me the results only take about 3 days, but it then depends on how my own consultant plans his appointments etc.  

Hate waiitng for test results.  I just want to know!!  

Julie x

Nothing wrong with asking :-)

Karen x

Well done you, if you dont dont get.

Hope you get a good outcome, take care


Hi again Jules,

Fingers crossed that Mr. Neuro contacts you soon! The not knowing is the pits :(

Will you let us know how you get on?

Debbie xx


OMG he replied!!

He basically said he doesn't have my notes infront of him but he's fairly sure he has recently dictated a letter to me and my GP and he thinks the results were normal, but again without looking at my notes he can't be certain.

At least he replied!!!  scared

WOW! I am seriously impressed that you got a reply. I guess you don't have long to wait now!

Karen x

Blimey!! Now that is what I call speedy!

Hopefully a letter is winging it's way to you and your GP now then happy2

Good luck Jules

Debbie xx

what the hell!! that is quick! and there i was complaining that neurologists are hard to get hold of!


Well that sounds very positive so looks like ur gp will receive that letter soon very soon


:) xx