Going Crazy !

My god the waiting is endless…!

So, I come home from work every night to expect a lovely letter on my door mat for my neuro appointment to give me the results of my LP, is it there on my door mat? of course not, its only been a month since I had it done so just another two months to wait or so, its not long!!!

I phoned the neuro’s secretary today, once, twice, three times, did she answer the phone? of course not!!

I really do find it so crazy that you are made to wait so long for test results.

I will trying the neuro’s secretary, I want to see if I can pay for a private appointment to get the test results sooner - hope I can :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll keep smiling and trying to think its better not knowing because at least it isn’t real yet! (although my symptoms tell me it is everyday)

Rant well and truely over - feel better now

Carla x

Thanks Mary, I have been reading your posts and seen you have gone private, I hope you get some answers soon also.

Times must have changed since you were a medical secretary… I just wish the neuro’s had targets to meet to see you again within 4 weeks or sooner, doesn’t that sound bizarre, within 4 weeks, it sounds super fast!

I also haven’t been diagnosed as of yet, MRI results showed lesions on brain consistent with MS so sent for a lumbar puncture to confirm and of course thats the results I am waiting for. I waited 3 months to see the neuro last time for the MRI results and by that time I thought, great they must have been clear… how wrong was I, at least now I know they all take ages to come back, even if it’s good or bad.

I don’t even know if I can afford private yet, will have to find out how much it will cost for a consultation.

Good luck with the private neuro I hope you get some answers soon, thinking of you.

Carla x

How things have changed since 2000 then! beggers believe really, as you said computers are supposed to make it all work faster not slower, I guess since the computers came in they layed off staff as they didn’t need them as much but look whats happend - and of course the decreasing budget they have to spend will of impacted on services!

I really do hope you get some definate answers on Wednesday, you never know you may be a clear cut case.

Everyone is fantastic on here, I posted my first post a couple of weeks ago and got great response which helped me loads, its fantastic support :slight_smile:

I will keep a look out on Wednesday to see how you got on. Good luck Mary.

Carla x

Hi Carla…justa thought…you can ask your gp if they have had a letter from the neuro as yet re LP results. You can also go and see your GP with a form for them to request the results. or you can request the reults be sent to your gp directly…would be cheaper than going private…not sure if it goes against the grain to do this but it may be possible…to get an answer…I dont see the problem myself…and I think 3mths is way too long for anyone to wait…my parents live in france and any MRI scans/ct or x rays? blood tests done you sit down with the dr same day and they go through the results…no waiting…its about time we demanded this over here as I suspect the french have got the right idea, and the system is like that because thats what the patients want and need…voila!! lol

Em x

Hi Em

Thanks for the reply. I have been to my Doc and she says i must get the test results from the Neuro, so no luck there!!

I also think 3 months is an awful long time, yet I have read other posts on here where they have waited much longer, so I shouldn’t grumble…

I am phoning the Neuro’s secretary tomorrow to see when my appointment will be then i will go from there…

Thanks to you all for all the advice and support

Carla xx

Sorry, not sure how I missed your post.

Your GP is wimping out! There’s no reason why he couldn’t get the results. I suppose it’s best to see the neuro, but when you have to wait for so long it’s just cruel!

Good luck with the phone call tomorrow.

Karen x

Good luck tomorrow…I agree with Karen re your results…it never ceases to amaze me how Drs think its “OK” to make people wait and in your case its diaboloical you may have to wait 3 mths…very true Karen…its cruel…and as you say hun you are living with it every day…it is better to know whatever the results are…I think 4 weeks is reasonable…anything above that is appalling…its all very well having strategies in place for when you have a dx but someone in the know needs to be looking at the dx process itself…and why it varies so much regarding the consultants and how they go about this and the process itself…having the tests, follow ups re results etc…sorry I am having a bit of a rantmyself now…

please let us know how you get on with neuro secretary…be persistant and assertive!!


Every letter from the neuro a copy goes to your GP FIRST. I know that as mine rang me a few years back to tell me she had heard from the neurolgoist and she wanted to see me. It was about 2 weeks later that my copy landed on the mat.

Why not ring your GP and ask if they have heard anything?

The results for LP are very quick its the typing of letters which takes so long as the neurologists have lots of patients and some have only part time secretaries, (mine does she only works so many hours a week, I would hate her intray lol).

So I would just ask the GP first you never know the answer could be with them. Also I too went private and got results very very quickly. Big hugs. x

Thanks for all the replys they are a great help!

I phoned the neuros secretary today only to be told she still hasn’t got the results :frowning: she has had my discharge letter from the hospital (my LP was in a different hospital from the one I see my neuro in) but no results! so she has e mailed the neuro’s other secretary in the other hospital to chase up.

I also phoned the Doctors to see if they had anything there, they haven’t had anything as of yet so no joy there either.

I guess I will phone the Secretary back in a week or so to see how far she has got with the chasing up…

I think you are all right my Doctor is wimping out but as soon as I know the results are there I will take myself down there and ask for them, surely they wouldn’t refuse to give them to me???


Carla xx

Hi Carla…sounds like things are moving forward a little…but i would in fact contact the secretary at previous hospital where you had the LP done…and start shouting very very loud…if the results are not on new consulatants desk in the next day…you will be speaking to someone much higher up at the hospital…or the press…throw everything at them I say…you are quite within your rights to kick up one hell of a fuss…:slight_smile: