Does this sound about right ?

Hi all Just curious as to how long others have waited for lumber puncture results I had my LP done beginning of May I was told should have the results in 2-3 weeks … Well my results finally got back to my neuro on Monday and I can’t get them until the 6 august that’s nearly 3 mths from procedure to getting results ! It’s driving me crazy I spoke to my gp who just said the results must be fine or I would have had them sooner … Do u think this may be the case ?

Hello Cody01 I hope the results are negative. In my opinion, your gp should have chased up the results in order to put you mind at rest. Ring Neuro secretary yourself and discuss how you feel unhappy about the long wait. If your still not happy after phone call then contact PALS. Good luck x

Hi Cody, So the results ARE back, but they’re going to wait more than a month to share them with you? I don’t think you should jump to the conclusion - as your GP has - that they are normal, because I don’t understand the delay in telling you about a completely normal result. Why wouldn’t they just put it in the post, or tell your GP, so she (or he) can tell you? If you can’t be told until your next consultation (I’m guessing that’s the significance of the 6th August date?), I would assume there’s something that needs to be discussed. I’m sorry, and I don’t mean to frighten you, but I can’t see why they’d wait a month to tell you something was completely fine. That is not news that should only be delivered in person. Having said that, you won’t know 'til you get them. Trying to deduce the findings purely from how long it took is a mug’s game - especially on the NHS, where there are often random delays. I’m just not as sure as your GP about the “must be fine” theory. It wouldn’t be regarded as urgent, even if it wasn’t fine. Tina x

Yeah Tina those are my thoughts exactly :frowning: I hate that I have been chasing them with the neuro secretary for the past few weeks and feel as thow I’m making a fuss but it’s so frustrating not knowing as I’m sure you would all agree and as regards to my Gp he is the most unsupportive person and has very little belief in anything I’ve ever said to him ! Well I’ve called the neuros sec just and asked if it would be poss to fax results to gp which she said she would do so just waiting for gps receptionist to call her and request them as it has to come from them … Not holding my breath as my doctors surgery is a joke ! Sorry for moaning all and thanks for your replies just so fed up of feeling ill and just left hanging all the time :frowning:

I know what you mean cody. I had to keep ringing my neuro’s secretary and i felt like i was being a nuisance but it’s not them that’s going through it. In the end i pestered her that much for my LP results she told me what it said over the phone which she shouldn’t have. My LP was normal and my evoke potental test was normal so still in limbo after 14 yrs.

Oh gosh it’s dreadful :frowning: xx Well after my Gp agreeing to give me my results if neuro faces them over just had a call from the very snotty receptionist to say my Gp no longer feels he can explain results to me after spking to neuro sec :frowning: not sounding very positive is it ?

Sorry to hear that, Cody. I did think that might be why they were holding on for a face-to-face. :frowning:

A month’s delay to be told it’s all fine didn’t seem to make sense.



Oh well only another 4 weeks of stressing out I suppose :frowning: Thanks again for your replies xx Always feel better when I’ve been on here really appreciate u all taking the time to read my moaning post lol

Cody really feel for ya it’s really hard to know what to do for the best. The waiting that the large majority of us experience does nothing for the stress levels does it? I hope you get some resolve in the mean time, sit on your hands, lock the phone in a cupboard until your results appointment. x Michelle x

Haha good advice thanks xx

For goodness sake, it’s your illness not the GPs. How do you feel? If your happy to hear it from GP then ring the practice manager. X

Potential illness…sorry :slight_smile:

It’s pointless the practice manager is my gps wife already had to involve her at the beginning of the year just to get the Gp to refer me to a neuro as he was happy to allow me to carry on with all my symptoms :frowning: and his explanation for them was a shrug of his shoulders and to tell me who’s knows what’s up with me Feel as thow I’m banging my head against a brick wall with them My gp really already makes me feel like a fraud and very uncomfortable only staying with him till I got all results through then gonna change anyway

If you’ve had results which would amount to an MS diagnosis (and I’m not saying you have), there would be an ethical problem with a GP breaking it to you - even with your consent - as the NICE guidelines say diagnosis has to be face-to-face, with a neuro.

I think this is solely to safeguard the patient, as GPs, on the whole, don’t know a lot about MS, so there could be some possibility of mistake or confusion. Also the GP might not be in a position to answer any questions a newly diagnosed person might have.



I understand that completely I’m more frustrated at the fact I was told by his receptionist that they had my results there and she booked me a appointment to see him last night to go through them , when I got in to the docs room he told me he hadn’t any results for me and told me the dippy receptionist had looked at the wrong thing … It was at this point he offered to tell me the results if I could get them faxed over to him also laughing at me and saying that they must all be ok as my appointment isn’t until august ! I’m cross because twice I thought I was gonna get some insight to the results and twice in 2 days have been let down :frowning:

It was just the results of your LP you were asking for wasn’t it? Not for a diagnosis of MS. You have a useless GP by the sounds of things. I don’t blame you for changing. Good luck x

I wrote to neuro and asked him to write and inform me. As MS is a non urgent condition i wouldnt assume that no news is good news.

Moyna xxx

I had similar delay proposed, although my neuro was very apologetic saying he simply couldn’t offer an appointment where the date of the lumbar puncture wasn’t known then either. I asked the dr doing the lumbar puncture exactly how long the tests took, 1-2 weeks, then phoned my neuro secretary and asked for a message to be passed to the neuro, that I wanted to have my results, and ‘would take responsibility for my own emotions’, then wait to see him some 2 months later. For me, the results were quite clear, lots of csf only oligoclonal bands, normal everything else. I had done my homework, and together with symptoms already indicating ppms, I knew this was the clincher to diagnosis. It was. You could try the same, as long as you are clear that you want to know, and get your head round it, before you hear it officially. I would make sure you have support available for yourself either way. For me, it worked well, as I did not want to waste my neuro time with emotional reactions to the news. I could use my time with neuro to ask the other stuff, having accepted the news. Best wishes Sian

Yes blossom your right I’m not expecting my Gp to dx me with anything just to give me my lp results And. Sian those were my thoughts that if the results showed what I’m expecting it gives me time to plan better for my appointment with neuro and make good use of it Think I may try calling pals today see if they can offer advice on how I can get results … Surely if Gp has them now is I’ve allowed to withhold the results from me ? Thanks to u all

Called the patients relations department and basically there’s nothing I can do as my Gp can choose not to give me the results if he feels it would be better coming from a consultant … So that’s that then just sit tight and wait Thanks for all your advice and just listening to me much appreciated Xx