Evoked potentials results?

Hi all, I had evoked potentials done six weeks ago and still have not hd the results! The hospital I had them done at said the results would be with my neuro in 2weeks, and despite calls to neuro secretary (who us really nice) still not had them faxed to my gp. How long should these take normally. Getting quite stressed with the wait now and gp has just put me on anti depressants (which I didn’t really want but am quite teary a lot of the time) Thank you, Sue

Hi Sue When I had this test done it took quite a few weeks for my neuro to write to me wirh the results. Serms everything with MS takes ages x

I was diagnosed seven years ago, twelve months after my gp first referred me to a neurologist. Neither I, nor my neurologist or my gp ever got the results of my evoked potentials! My mri scan gave probable diagnosis and lumbar pucture was inconclusive, makes me wonder why they wasted time and money doing the evoked potentials and lumbar puncture! I wish you well. Try not to worry too much about what might happen, because it might not! XX