MRI on brain & back now VEP test....normal??

Was wondering if anyone can shed any light on my current situation. I finally got my doctor’s to listen to me in regards to many issues I’ve been suffering with over the years (currently lack of strength/balance in my legs) & refer me to see a Neurologist. The Neurologist tested my reflexs etc & referred me to have ab MRI on my brain & spine. This was 6 weeks ago. The results are back but nobody is tellung me what they show. Now I’ve been referred to go for a Visual Evoked Response test this Monday. (No mention of a Lumber Puncture). I’m just wondering if this is standard procedure. Does it mean the MRI was clear of lesions or that there were lesions? I’m so confused. I feel completely out of the loop. Can anyone shed amy light it’s driving me insane. Many thanks in advance. Carol x

Hi Carol

Sometimes the doctors like to get all the tests done before they will set you a new appointment. The problem is that we have to wait around until their ready. They call it on here limboland, also they aren’t very quick at diagnosing and then it takes time to set the appointments for tests get the results and then they may see you.

I had my MRI done in August and saw the neurologist about eight weeks later, if they don’t like what they see in your MRI they will get you a quicker appointment to see the neurologist then if they thinks that you need more tests they will arrange it, I had an appointment with the neurologist he then said he wanted me to have a lumber puncture which was in January this was about October. I was sent another appointment in November for April this year. I have been given another appointment with the neurologist for April next year, so you can see they can take awhile.

I have both negative blood and lumber puncture but I still have white matter changes in my brain, along with weakness in my left side of my body.

Good luck kay

Hello Carol

It’s not a question any of us can answer I’m afraid. I could make the argument that your scans were clear and so the neuro is looking for other things, and that the MRI scans were not clear, so the neuro wants to check with VEP.

Why not try phoning your neurologists secretary next week and asking when you are likely to get the results from your MRI?

6 weeks is a flipping long time to be sitting on a knife edge wondering which side you’re going to fall on.

Hopefully you’ll get answers soon.


they may have borderline results and want to prop it up with a VEP. I had two veps over my journey and both were positive the last one finally got my diagnosis.

I think the fact they are doing more tests is a sign of either ruling out or in, so you will just have to hold your breath and see what happens. I had my last VEP on October 2015 and got my results via the neurologist February 2016.

Thank you everyone for your responses. It is really nice to feel support from you all. I have been struggling to find people to talk to about this. I feel speaking to my family & friends is just upsetting them. It is so great to have this area to ask questions & vent my feelings. Thank you x 5he latest update is that I spoke to my neurologist on Monday before going to my VEP test & he confirmed that my MRI did show changes. He has referred me to have a Lumber Puncture (which I’m terrified of) now before I see him again. Hopefully this wont be too long of a wait but I’m not holding my breath. Thank you so much again for helping through this xxx

I was pooped scared of having my lumbur puncture. I have to say in all honesty. I felt NOTHING. the idea was more scary then the deed. I did drink cola though as i was told too and i never got the headache thank god, but it did wipe me out for days.

I hope you finally find some answers. x