Sorry..another question

Sorry guys, another question. To all of you recently diagnosed or still waiting diagnosis, what tests have you had/been offered? So far I have had brain/spine MRI, blood tests, EMG (for my mumb leg) and having vestibular tests this week. My hubby had decided it;s time to get stroppy with my neuro and push him into more tests but i;m not sure what else there is apart from LP?

Hi I’ve had all them plus evoke potential and LUmber puncture and awaiting DX Gray

Thanks Gray. What is an evoke potential test? I’ve seen it referred to on here before but not sure what it is. xx

I have just been diagonoised in July all I had was an mri of my brain and neck which showed multiple lesion in my brain so the Nero is only 99.9 percent certain I have ms so am awaiting a lumber puncture but I would say on them odds she’s pretty certainx

They connected wires all over me and I stared at a screen full of black&white Squares then I had headphones on listening to noises and finally they connected my feet and fingers and made my reflexes twitch. Or something like that, apparently measures if any damage to the nerve signals back to your brain. I’m sure someone else. Will come along to explain it better lol Didn’t hurt but a boring 2 hours Gray

Hi Bunnythecat

I only had a single MRI scan of both head and spine which showed up lesions and a physical neuro examination at a later date (on DX day). That examination included a pin prick test amongst things.

My neuro said that a lumber puncture was not necessary for me unless I wanted one, errrrrr no thanks!!!

Apart from being told during my appointment the MS nurses would be in touch, needing to inform the DVLA and being told I would be seen in four months time not alot happened for me.

Good luck with your journey and I hope you get the answers you need.

From what I’ve read it seems that everything else is secondary to MRI - more than once, months apart. That is the main thing for dx so if you’ve had that, unless it was ages ago you probably have to go through a waiting phase. Annoying, I know. All the best.

I have had bloods and got a head abd spine mri booked. That’s it A

I have had today, Visual Evoked Potentials and MRI. That is all.

I have had 2 MRIs over a month apart (waiting for results of second), bloods, visual evoked potentials, EMG, SSEP and usual physical examinations. Gray, my evoked potentials took only about 15 mins!

Hi, I’ve had a physical examination including pin pricks, bloods, mri, ct and tomorrow I’m going into hospital for the day for tests my neurologist affectionately called her ‘gold package’ - eye test, evoked potential, more blood tests and a lumbar punture. All in one day, lucky me!

Hi, after the initial clinical exam and symptom history, the neuro said i had worrying signs of ms and ordered a brain mri, ssep and evoked potentials tests. The brain mri showed multiple lesions and something worrying that resulted in cervical spine mri. That showed 3 lesions on my cervical spine. Before I got the results of the spine MRI the neuro wanted to do a lumbar puncture, I refused to have this, which is a good job because it would have been completely unnecessary. With all the evidence from both mris , this was more than enough for a diagnosis. On the nhs website it says that lumbar punctures are only usually done when other results are inconclusive. Im not sure if a positive lumbar puncture result alone would give a diagnosis, and because of its invasive nature, I wouldnt be keen on it!