VEP test

Hi everyone, I am also in limboland and went for a VEP test this morning, I had it done in Spain. When the nurse attached the electrodes she used needles to attach them to my head, is this the same in the UK?

Kim x


Needles? No, that sounds awful! Do you mean piercing the skin, or just to weave them into your hair somehow?

When I had mine done, here in England, the electrodes were stuck on with a sort of blue-tack type stuff.

I’ll admit it wasn’t very effective at holding electrodes on (some of them fell off), but it was quite a pain to remove from hair.


Hmmm. Further to my last, I’ve just found a reference online (to a neurology textbook), which says that needle electrodes MAY be used, but are not recommended, due to risk of infection, and being painful. So I’m sorry you had to suffer this “non-recommended” method. I’ve no idea whether it’s the norm in Spain, but I can’t see why they would practice an unnecessarily risky and painful method, when easier and simpler methods exist (the stick-on disks, like most people have). You are brave to go through with it. If I’d turned up for the test, and discovered they planned to put needles in my scalp, I’d probably have declined and gone home! Were you told in advance they would do this? Tina x

Hi Tina I wasn’t told until I got to the appointment, but to be fair it wasn’t that bad only one of them was uncomfortable!

Just hope that my neuro doesn’t want a LP done if in Spain they are using outdated methods!

Kim x