Hi guys Not too sure why I am having this done as I have already been diagnosed but I am booked for this tomorrow. I think the neuro booked this months and months ago and now it’s just coming through. Iv decided I will go ahead and have it done as I don’t want to seem uncooperative and they have been so good to me. I just don’t know what it entails and if I can drive after it?? Any time I go to eye clinic re the optic neuritis I couldn’t drive as they used drops to dilate my pupils. I feel my ON has really flared again since sunday -so bad im wondering if it is a new attack as I had been ok for about 1 month- or if its stress that has flared it again. I have something very important on next week and am stressed about it after being unwell and in hospital. Advise re driving after this test appreciated! Love Lilly xxx

Hello Lily,are you already for Halloween?I’m a miserable middle aged grouch at the best of times,but have you ever seen such an assault on your purse?I wouldn’t mind but around here they’ll never notice the difference.

Ah, the Visual Evoked Response,was used 12 years ago along with the reults from MRI and Lumbar Puncture to diagnose my MS.The VER consisted of looking at a ‘chess board’ screen with both eyes,then one at a time .They didn’t bother with both eyes shut,and I think there was a press button oojah with which the things you were asked to determine were notified.I’m sure there were no eye drops, torches,fingers or anything else used intrusively.

It only took 20 ? minutes.If you are alright to drive there,I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t drive afterwards,unless they have drastically altered things.Hopefully you will get some more responses.

Be lucky,

Wb x

I had one done recently which only took a few minutes. I had electrodes stuck to my head and then looked at a flickering chess board screen for a bit. That was it! I had to wash my hair after to clean the glue out though. Hope it goes ok.

I think it’s worth giving them a call Lilly. When I had mine done a couple of years ago it took hours, and there’s no way I could have driven afterwards. I was alo told that they may have to put drops in my eyes to dilate my pupils (so no to driving afterwards). I wasn’t diagnosed at the time, so hopefully yours won’t take long, but it’s got to be worth asking, I’d hate to think of you being stranded!

Mags :slight_smile: xx

How strange the there is such a difference! Makes me wonder if they did mine properly now.

My VER was exactly like yours too Puddinglover. I didn’t have eye drops - which was a great relief for me because I have them quite regularly for eye damage resulting from diabetes and I chuffin hate them!!!

The worst thing about the whole experience was the sticky stuff they put in your hair to make the electrodes stay in place.

My VER was quite a surreal experience because the woman doing it came, like me, from Liverpool and I had it done in London.

Hardly unusual, until we had the compulsary “what school did you go to?” conversation. Same school

Then we talked about what part of the city were were from (we didn’t go to a local High School/Comp it took girls from all over the city). Same part of town.

Then “what street?”. It turned out she used to live in the street behind mine. In the house exactly behind mine!

She then looked at my file again and saw my surname (I still use my maiden name) and she then realised that she had been at school with my late sister.

Small world eh?!

Thanks everyone for the replies… Feel Im wasting time and resources going for it but hey I’ll try to do what I’m told. My husband has offered to drive me now so don’t need to worry about that bit… Re Halloween WB I’m so ready. It was never a thing when I was a kid but now I’m going to have great fun dressing up my daughter for her 2nd year. She is going to be a witch. I do agree a holiday that’s not even a holiday has become so commercial but I want to enjoy the good moments as there aren’t too many of them lately…!! Lots of photos, smiley faces, silly costumes and sweets…!!! I live in the country so we never have any trick or treaters but ill bring my little one to see her grannies and uncles!! Love Lilly xxx Ps ill post tomorrow re my experience. Was about to wash and blow dry hair to look presentable going into the hospital but not going to bother now from what you lot tell me it will need a wash tomorrow evening. Can’t find the energy to take off the pjs these days let alone do the shower, hair, make up etc thing!

Hi all Glue/jelly in the hair - which I now need to wash. Sat and stared at a checker board screen with electrodes on my head… That was it really. I’m tired now and my eye is painful also after it but part from that all fine… Results in the next few weeks. Thanks for the advice Love Lilly xxx

Hi guys Just wanted to let you know I got the results of the VER. My left eye is very bad - the pathway was very slow?? If that makes sense - consistent with demyelination… as I know!! My right eye is fine. So that’s good!!! At least I hadn’t some unnoticed bout of ON affecting my right eye! feeling quite unwell this week :frowning: over did it last week. Love Lilly xxx

Hello Lilly,

I had this test done in 1997 and it was really straightforward and didn’t take too long. My only advice is to make sure you take a comb as I didn’t and came out with my hair all standing on end. Gave hubby quite a fright. It’s just the sticky stuff they put on your scalp for the electrodes to stay put, and you’ll need to wash your hair asap afterwards probably, but at least a comb will help to take it a little!!

Good luck with everything and keep well.

Alison x

Sorry, that last sentence should have read “tame”!

Alison x