I had my first neuro appointment

I had my first appointment with the neurologist on Wednesday. He had access to the MRI I’d had done of my head and auditory meatus (ear canals) recently via my ENT consultant. After showing me the MRI images, I loved seeing my eyeballs, he said it was clear for MS. He checked me walking normally and one foot in front of the other and also my reflexes and a pin point test. He said he was sure it wasn’t MS but as I’d had symptoms mainly below the waist he would have an MRI of my spine done and send me to Kings College Hospital to have VER (?) of my vision. After all of this he said that depending on the results he may then send me for a LP (gulp).

He seemed quite happy that it isn’t MS (as was I) as no lesions are present in my brain. Obviously I’m wondering then why all the further tests? Can you just have MS in your spine and a clear brain MRI? He talked about drugs to slow disease progress but that he didn’t think they would be appropriate in my case right now… hmmm.

On the funny side, whilst I was laying on the couch he obviously needed to expose my midriff to do the pin point test. He quite matter of factly began untying the fastening on the linin trousers I was wearing. I thought ‘helllllooooo’ so glad I had Mr Imp with me :smiley: haha!

Lyn x

Lol Lyn! Sounds a little like yours did a sort of turn around like mine did. xx

I guess VER is Visual Evoked Response. That tests conduction of signals down the optic nerves. Electrodes are fixed to your head to pick up brain activity while you look at flashing squares on a screen. I’ve read that fixing the electrodes messes up your hair. It’s quite a sensive test in that it can pick up slower than normal signal conduction that isn’t causing any noticeable problem. Some MSers are affected but some not so some times it is tested.

I think if you have lesions on the spine only, then it counts as only one functional system so not Multiple Sclerosis but maybe Clinically Isolated Syndrome.