Confused after neuro appointment (like many!)

Hi all. I am popping on and off and reading and learning and getting to know you all silently from afar at the moment. I hope you are all having a good day and wherever you are, the sun is shining. It is bizarre here as we have gone from torrential rain, to heavy hail to gale force winds and now sunshine in the space of hours.

Anyway I have just supposedly had THE appointment this morning with the consultant to get to know his opinion and the results of the visual, auditory and somatosensory evoked potentials and also the MRI on my brain. My symptoms are WAY better than they have been for a long time so either way, my body is behaving relatively well, if somewhat annoying at times

What has confused me is that the results of the evoked potentials aren’t back, despite having had them weeks ago and brain mri which was yesterday, is back but minus the radiologists report. However, I was shown the brain scan and was merely told that ‘The good news is my brain isn’t strinkingly abnormal, however, on a more negative side, there are two or three white spots which should not be there’. Those were his exact words! Why on earth can people not speak clearly?? He went on to say that coupled with the problems with my arms, sensory issues etc, this is now highly indiicative of MS but as he hasn’t got the radiologists report, he couldn’t be sure. I was therefore told to increase gabapantin, add in tramadol and amytriptiline and come back in three weeks when he could see if he could find more test results.

I guess having written it all down, this means I am still in limbo?!

Sorry for going on and that there isn’t really a question to this. I am just confused as to what I think and feel right now and I know you wlll all understand that.

Sening healthy, happy vibes to you all and thanks for being there


Hi jacqui

I belive white spots is a lesion i have loads of friends and family with ms like me iam was told 12yrs ago ms without lesions and lost my job i was a student nurse. Now they say opps no you dont i think but you do have neuro disease that is advanced i have major health issues as a result muscle and tissue failure and vision iam terrified as i dont know what it is and the outcome i agree these neuros need to be fitted with a mute button until they are sure of a diagnosis. We as patients need a sat nav that interpets what they say as often looked stunned when there in medical mode and just ask ok now repeat what you have said in human terms. I hope you get answers soon


HI Haze,

So very sorry you are living with such difficulties and without any proper answers too. Thanks for replying to my post. Keep opn fighting and live each day to it’s fullest too. I hope you get answers and in the meanwhile, live life to the max.

take care

Jacqui x

Hi Jaqui, if you`ve been reading several posts on here and the EL board, you may have seen posts fro me, re my 14 year journey, which is literally not far from where it set off!

From what your neuro has said, you may well have MS, but neuros do like radiologists reports to discuss the white blobs, before you get a diagnosis.

So, yes, for the time being I think you are in limbo.

Hopefully you will get that dx soon.

luv Pollx