hi all :)

Hi everyone I’ve not posted for ages so thought I’d drop by n say hi :slight_smile: I’m back to work now n seem to be pretty much past my latest relapse (yay) thank god lol loving the just being able to walk again n the climbing the stairs on just my feet n not all fours lol the thought has occurred to me tho that I still haven’t heard back from the neuro yet "/ I’ve completed all the evoked potential tests he’d ordered last 1 was about 3 wks ago do I now chase his secretary or just wait n hope I hear anything??? still can’t get the possibility that I won’t hear anything or it’ll just come back as ‘all in my head’ :frowning: still mustn’t grumble I suppose :slight_smile: life goes on only this time if/when I have yet another relapse I’ll be demanding another audience with him n asking/insisting on another scan not gonna just try n carry on thro them anymore n leave it another 5/6 years between meeti ha lol take care all :slight_smile: Lou xx

Hi Lou :slight_smile:

Glad things are a lot better.

The neuro should have your results by now so it can’t hurt to call his secretary and see if there is any news. Unless you’re happy to not know yet of course.

Fingers crossed that your remission is a nice long one :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hi Lou Pleased to hear that you’re pulling through. Hopefully a nice smooth patch is the order of the day !! Xx

Hi ladies :slight_smile: I’m keeping everything crossed for a nice long remission this time too :slight_smile: Think I will give them a call as u say Karen it can’t hurt can it And Catherine I hope ur doing well also hunny Lou :slight_smile: xx