I'm back!

Hey all,

Well i had my MRI on tuesday and it went kind of well! LOL

I was in the machine for one and a half hours in total ! Flippin long time!

I had full spine and head then head with contrast!

It was very uncomfortable to lay still for that long and boring but otherwise ok…why dont they supply a pillow of some sort? My head and neck was in agaony…and it took me 10min to be able to stand up strraigth after!

On the posistive side i do think my relapse is ending as the buzzing has improved and the tingles! I am still shaking, cant wee properly etc and the heat still bothers me but def improvements.

My boss also had similar symptoms and he just got his results yesterday and his Vit D is very low ! So he has to have tablets and thats all.

Well kinda hoped it wasn’t serious and it aint. Kinda bothers me now as i getting little anxious that as my vit D is fine! Maybe i could actually have MS? Thats actually a scary thought!

Still i suppose i get results in 4-6 weeks i think? What happens next? Lots of questions, guess i have to wait to see my neuro again?

Makes me feel loads better listening to you guys/girls talk about your symptoms…still hoping its a neck/disc problem but as always an optimist and if it does turn out to be more serious i cross that bridgge when i come to it!

Will keep you informed of appts and results as i travel this wonderful lombo journey LOL!


Lea xx

Hi Lea, that’s another hurdle you’ve got over

I love your attitude - it’s great, definitely the way to look at it.

Fingers crossed that the scan sheds some light on what’s going on. What happens next depends on the results really and where your neuro intends to go from there…

Debbie xx

Thanks Debbie, I do try and stay neutral in all this weirdness. Makes me feel better and while i at work i dont think about any of it at all.

I like that i can do this and as limbo is a very long process i find this helps me cope so to speak.

Neuro will hopefully shed light on my issues and i will take it from there. Just didn’t realise how long this can all take. Very frustrating but i am very busy so i find it easier to cope thinking neck problems and as i a dental nurse its very possible it is neck as we get into all kind of weird posistions when working! LOL

Heres to keeping the preverbial chin up and i smile as always

Thanks again for comment xx

Hi Lea

I am in the test phase of diagnosis too, and I too keep thinking that I will cross the MS bridge if or when I come to it.

I just want to know what is wrong with me (as I am sure you do too), so if it turns out to be something like MS (or MS) then I will deal with it then as at the moment the best scenario for me is some kind of spinal inflammation, take tabs, job done. My neuro seems to think it probably is MS though, because of the ON in both eyes I have. But I am going to remain positive no matter what, and when I get dx with whatever it is, I will continue to stay positive. We can overcome all obstacles if we put our minds to it.

Good luck Lea xx