mri Done

Had my mri scan today head and full spine no contrast. Took about 45 minutes and would have had a lovely sleep except they kept talking to me and disturbing my rest lol. The person doing it asked if I had a follow up and told him it was Dec and he said usually if they see anything urgent they will move it forward. I assume they tell everyone this but not sure what they consider urgent. So now the 9 week wait for follow up! ! Big toe still mostly numb although I think a small patch is slightly better. Very dizzy past week as well but have come down with a cold a couple of days ago so that may be the cause. Hope all other limboers are ok Axx

Ooh and in other exciting news after spending as much time as possible in the sun over the summer including a lazy time abroad I have had my vitamin D level redone after also being on vit d3 for a week. I have got my levels up from 40 (in may) to a huge 50!!!

Glad it’s over and done with now Arwen…just the long wait to get the results now!

Good news on the Vit D levels, too! I think we should be prescribed regular holidays in the sun, courtesy of the NHS!!

Oooh yes what a good idea. I vote for the Maldives X

Glad it’s done. Hope you get the results you want and finally get answers xx

Thanks Sharon xx

Dec seems a long wait. I’m sure you will let us know the results :slight_smile:

I know 9 weeks tomorrow to my appt so it’ll be 14 weeks from seeing neuro to getting results! ! Unless urgent but who knows what they class as urgent Axx

You could try for a cancellation like I managed? Not that it moved me forward much ha ha

Yeah will tell the secretary I’ll take one if possible X

Arwen, I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees MRIs as the perfect excuse for a kip :wink:

Sonia x

Ha ha Sonia they really are surprisingly perfect for a good kip aren’t they. Axx

I wouldn’t dare sleep even if I could in case I twitched and messed it up

Ha ha hadn’t thought of that. Was nearly twitching anyway was badly hopingIit didn’t start A

I swear, I didn’t even twitch when I had my spinal MRI, I’m sure with the warning that it looked an awful lot like I had MS my body took it as an excuse to start rebelling, but then I hadn’t noticed a lot of things til they were pointed out to me!

But seriously, I remember dosing off about 3 times with the spinal… then I even posted on here about my head, the CD playlist was a million miles than the time before so I picked the Foo Fighters and Muse (quite excited) - the head MRI was so loud that I only caught a few seconds of Mr Grohl,I was gutted!!! x

You got a music play list? Gutted I got rubbish local radio and that was it. Thank god the machine drowned it out! Axx

I got a playlist! I chose Westlife!! Didn’t catch all of it cos of noise of machine, but did enjoy having those lovely boys singing just for me and keeping me calm!!

I think I did actually start to doze off at one point, too!

I only got the radio too. At least it seemed to have some decent music on it though! xx

Sorry to hear some of you only got radio BUT it did feel like they gave with one hand then took away with the other when I couldn’t hear it LOL x

My god you guys were lucky!!!. They put earphones on me and I thought lovely some music to play through, but it was only so the technician could talk to me and I got nothing at all other than that!! :frowning: