All tests......DONE!

Well…since last Sunday i have had a cervical/thoracic mri, lumbar puncture on Monday (which gave me a 3d backache and headache) and VEP test (messy/sticky hair and the most daftest test ever!) Just the waiting for another neuro appt now for my results…

Wow, that's very efficient. Good luck and hope your tests can find  a cause.

Good to get it all done in one go :) glad it went ok ,

Sam x

Good luck with the results.

luv Pollx

Good luck with the results.



Best wishes.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: although this morning had an appt come through for another head mri - had previous one done in February and neuro reported results so don’t know why i need another one?! I hated the first one too :frowning:

Good luck for the results. x

Yes, good luck with results!

I guess the repeat MRI will be done a little different to make something clearer. Different filters or something.


im just a bit concerened as to why they want to do another one. I had the first one done in February and my neuro said there were white spots present. He never mentioned that he would like to do another. Im so scared and worried, trying to carry on and 'man up' but its so hard, just wish they would tell me that everything is ok! :)

Thanks again guys though :) x


Hi - I’m in no way medical but I was diagnosed after a second MRI showed changes from the first.
Hope you are ok
Min xx

Yeah im hoping that they are doing it for a specific reason as i hate them! Im just hoping they find nothing! just a brain hopefully! Im ok thank you (I think), i have a very supportive boyfriend, mum and sister who are all amazing, and good friends at work (not been there much lately). Just seem to be having more wobbles the closer i get to finding out whats wrong :(

Hi Nikjag - hope you are well and not getting too nervous about the MRI. Its worth calling the department where you are having your MRI beforehand. Some allow you to take some music along to play whilst you are in there and that can make it a bit more bearable. 

If you get a head brace whilst in the MRI that has a mirror that looks its worth using that so that you can look out and I found that rather handy as it was primed to look at the clock in the MRI office. Great to keep your mind preoccupied. 

If all else fails relax as much as you can and imagine yourself far away from the MRI scanner.

I really hope the MRI goes well and that you get your DX very soon.

Nix x

Hi Nix I had a brain/orbit mri back in February so i can prepare myself this time. I completely freaked the last time! I hope i get another neuro appt soon this waiting around is no fun! :slight_smile:
Nik x