Spine MRI all done

Hi all - I had my spine MRI this morning. The whole length from coccyx to brain stem was scanned so if anything is going on in there I’ll soon find out. They rescanned a midsection because I coughed and made it blurry so I guess that shows they were thorough!

I’ve still got my Evoked Potentials and an EEG to go but no date for those yet, they’ll be at a different hospital. I’m appalled by the way some of you have been treated reading the posts on here so I realise how very fortunate I am with my neurologist, GP etc.

Bits of numbness and increasing hot patches are my main symptoms at the moment. The spasms have reduced drastically. My leg muscles seem to be stiffening a fair bit when I walk, also hands/feet are slow to respond and move when I want them too and are very heavy but I’m telling myself I’m making all that up. We’ll see.

Have a good day


One more step accomplished

Here’s hoping you don’t have too long to wait for answers!

Karen x

PS really glad the spasms have improved