MRI Results ... Think it's Goodbye.

Hi Everyone

I had the results today of my recent MRI Scan of the lumbar spine.  It seems that I have degeneration of the spine plus 2 disc bulges and 2 disc protrusions (slipped discs).  These latter two (at L3/4 and L4/5) are affecting the nerve roots at those levels. My neuro is now getting this scan and a previous one (2010) reviewed by the Multi-disciplinary spinal team at Kings college hospital, London.

It would therefore seem that this could be the cause of not only the pain in my back, but the pain in my legs and the numbness/tingling in my left ankle, foot & toes.  I don't know if this will also explain my leg weakness and problem with walking far, although this could I suppose be explained by my recent diagnosis of CFS/ME.

Anyhow, whatever the outcome is, it certainly doesn't seem to be MS, which of course I'm thankful for - therefore I guess I'll be leaving the forum for now.

I just wanted to say a huge 'Thank You' to all of you - you've supported me in the 'down' times, explained things when I didn't know what things meant, and given me advice when I didn't know where to turn. You've been angels angel, and I really appreciate you all.  Take good care & I wish you all the best in your own journeys in this hard, hard place of Limboland.

(((Hugs))) to everyone,

Bren x

Hi Bren, and good luck on your journey too, I’m sure you met a lot here and made some friends also.
(((hugs))) back, take care and hafun. xxx


Hi Bren

You have a journey to take also, I wish you well

Mike x

Hi Bren x so very pleased for you that you have got those elusive answers that so many of us are searching for xx

x all the every best from me too xx

x I'm thinkng the same things re this lovely safe haven that is this forum x it's just so hard to leave x are you on facebook? If yes - then pm me your profile if you like xxxxjenxxxxxx

hi Bren…so glad you have some answers re your spine and how that relates to your leg probs etc…have they offered you surgery at all ? Your leg weakness could be down to the discs etc…and it would be worth mentioning this too the team to clarify…if its down to your back or CFCs/me then at least you know what is what…
good luck…and like you it’s invaluable place to be here…during the dx process whatever the outcome may be or the cause…x

Great news that you've got some answers!

Even better if there is something they can do about it? (Hoping so.)

Please let us know?

Karen x

Hi Bren

so glad you've finally got your diagnosis and can start working towards getting better. Your leg weakness certainly could be caused by a spinal nerve root entrapment so certainly speak with your doctors. 

Good luck on your journey, wishing you the very best.



Best wishes to you Bren. Pleased for you that it's not MS :)