Had Neuro appointment .......

Hi All

At last, this week I had an appointment with my neuro. Last October I had a flare-up which caused numbness down my lower left leg, over ankle, foot & toes. This has now left weakness and slight dropped foot, which makes me limp when I walk. My toes also curl under. This, and the numbness, has all continued since October.

The neuro didn't examine me at all, but on discovering in my notes that I'd had a disc protrusion 5 years ago, thinks it could be caused by that getting worse and therefore irritating the nerve more.  He's therefore sending me for an MRI scan of the lumbar spine, and said if there are significant disc changes he will refer me to a multi-disciplinary spinal team.

I currently have a diagnosis of CFS/ME and was referred for a group course of CBT which I've been attending for 8 weeks. I've enjoyed it & it's been helpful regarding things like 'pacing' myself & using distraction techniques for pain etc., but my physical symptoms are still the same.

I just hope the MRI scan reveals what is the true cause.  So guys, if it is a disc problem I guess I shouldn't really be here letdown.   The scan isn't for 3 weeks yet, and then it will probably take a few more weeks for the results, so I'll still be in Limbo 'til then!  I'd love to stay with you all 'til I know for sure, if that's OK.  You've all been a real life-line to me. Thanks. thumbsup

Bren x


Hi Bren

Don't you dare go anywhere! lol!!

I hope your scan goes ok and you get some answers soon.

Stay and chat to people - even if it's not ms - you can help so many people who are also in limbo.

Teresa. x

Thanks Teresa

I would miss everyone so much to be honest, as it's the only place where others understand how we're feeling, and those 'odd' symptoms that unless you have them, can't even conceive what it's like!

In my heart of hearts I don't think it's just a disc problem, as I've had other symptoms, e.g. the 'Hug', pins & needles in feet, jerking of various parts etc. However, we'll see what the MRI reveals.

I appreciate your welcome to stay, & yes, I'd like to help others too if I can.

Hope you're doing OK at the mo.

Bren x

Bless you Bren,

I also would be lost without the site.  I have been told my ms is pretty mild as i can still walk and have in the past felt like a fraud after reading the problems people have.

My ms is invisable to others at the moment but i am still struggling with all the symptoms.  No-one ever listens to me at home and i feel 'at home' here as there is always someone who understands and can sympathise and offer help.

We all have something to offer on here.

It must be awful to be in limbo.  I never really experienced this as i collapsed and was sent straight for tests.  I was diagnosed in 3 months and 6 mon

ths after was put on dmd's.

It happened so fast - i was in complete shock.  I had also just given birth.  Most of this time is a complete blur!!

I hope the mri gives you the answers - one way or the other.  Then you can make decisions about treatments.

Best wishes

Teresa. x