Update MRI

Hi all

How are you all?

Just wanted to give you all a quick update so after my neurology appointment on 5th September I have had a date come through for a brain and spine MRI on 8th October. So not too long to wait now. Not sure how long the wait will be to get the results following the MRI though? I am hoping it’s not going to be too long as that will be a horrible wait!

Yesterday I had the numbness in my left foot and leg return and noticed my left side of my head felt the same and also part of my arm. So wondering how long it will last this time. Last time I didn’t notice it in my head/face just leg, foot and arm felt funny. It lasted roughly 2 weeks last time. It’s a weird feeling I can feel it all but it doesn’t feel as normal. Not sure if anyone can relate my leg kind of feels heavy… I can luckily still walk but wearing my boots I struggle more it feels extra weird for some reason!


Hi Rally hope your okay well as much as you can be.I had my. Brain and spine mri last week i was told id get results in 3-4 weeks they will go to my neurologist.Got use to the waiting game now so think thats not too bad if it turns out that way lol.I also have like a heavy feeling in my left arm and leg so with you there my walking terrible at the moment.All the best hun hope your mri goes okay.

Hi Sparky

Good to hear you had your MRI last week. I know what you mean about the waiting game!

Hope you haven’t got to wait too long for results. Let us know how you get on.


Hi Rally,

I haven’t been diagnosed (and realise my symptoms may be something other than MS) but just wanted to say I can relate to the feelings of numbness in the foot/leg. Walking feels really strange at times.

I’ve had a head and neck MRI and now await a neurology appointment.

I wish you all the best.

Hi Rally I had my scan on 23 aug and I am still waiting for results. I spoke to neuros secretary yesterday and she said I should receive a letter next week as one has been drafted but neuro is on leave at present. It’s frustrating me as I just need to know what is going on as I have been offered a new job but because of what it would entail I’m not sure whether to accept it or not until I get some sort of diagnosis or idea as to what is happening to me. Only another week of waiting hopefully but I’ve been on this roller coaster for 2 yrs already :frowning:

Thanks for the replies

Keep me posted Butterfly cake.

Sorry to hear you have waited so long annalisia let me know how you get on.