Waiting for mri results.. killing me! :(

I’m 24 and woke a few months ago with my right leg numb and then pins and needles went into my feet. I left it for 5 days till seeing my gp and it took 2 weeks to go. About 3/4 weeks after I began getting tingles in my feet and they slowly progressed up my legs to my tummy but only recently to my face! I’ve seen my neurologist who referred me for a brain and spinal mri scan which was 3 weeks ago. I’ve not heard back from my neurologist and it’s making me feel more stressed :frowning: My two children played me up a treat tonight and it’s caused my tingles to become very strong in my right leg. It’s always mainly in my right leg and right foot! Is my scan likely to show lesions on my spine? I’ve not had any problems with sight or balance etc just altered sensations. What if my scan shows nothing!? I still think this could be ms. When I get out of the shower my skins alive with tingles too! Takes about 30 mins for them to fully go

hi hannah

unfortunately the wheels of neurology departments turn slowly.

if you can’t bear to wait, phone the neuro’s secretary and plead for a quick response - you might ben lucky enough to get one.

i was only given a brain MRI but that was enough to diagnose me, i had symptoms many years ago and apparently they showed on the mri.

you are learning the hard way that stress makes all symptoms worse.

so give yourself a break, cut corners wherever possible and don’t feel guilty.

carole x