Back to normal

Hi all,

Still waiting for MRI, having failed to get a cancellation. I’ve worked out that the time between all of this starting and my MRI appointment date is 5 months - grrr.

That said, I think that whatever it is happened to me, it is over for now. Fatigue, weakness, etc has all gradually vanished. I’ve even been to the toilet 2 days in a row (sorry!).

It has left me slightly differently to how it found me though. I now have a numbish right foot, slightly inefficient swallowing, and I don’t like certain noises (eg plates/glasses clattering) because they really hurt, & sometimes make me jump!

I’m so glad I kept a symptom diary, because if I hadn’t I would now quite happily be sticking my head back in the sand & saying that there is nothing wrong with me.

I’ve no idea what is wrong with me, can’t even tell if it’s central or peripheral (my symptoms don’t present as a classic case of anything). Still another 4 weeks before my MRI, so I have a quick question. If this is ms & everything I’ve been through came from a lesion and associated swelling, will an MRI so long after the event show anything? Also, can a neurologist diagnose anything being wrong once your symptoms have gone? Mine didn’t want to do bloods or an lp, or any conduction tests until after the MRI, and now there is nothing wrong with me, I can’t see him bothering.

I’m now wondering if I’m going to have to wait until next year (I seem to get an episode of this once a year) to get answers, and even then it would rely on getting appointments/scans during the flare up which I can’t see ever happening with the waiting lists up here.

I’m over the moon to be feeling so good, and being able to go out walking/cycling again, but I’m so desperate to know what is up with me (and to get a family member off my back who thinks I have sciatica and I’m being a drama queen).


I am glad that you are feeling better.

Total lay-person’s view here: it seems to me likely that any MS lesion will have left evidence that should be visible on your scan, even if there is no longer any active inflammation around it. It is the scars (lesions) left behind by MS activity that are so characteristic of the condition and that give it its name. There have been people on here who have reported this or that lesion having disappeared completely at some future point: hurrah for them, but I don’t think that is typical and it has certainly never happened to me!

Also, if you have something badly amiss with your CNS, your reflexes are still likely to be wonky to the trained clinician’s eye, even if you feel back to normal.

So please don’t let concerns about feeling ‘too well’ cloud your relief at feeling better! And never mind the sciatica fan. People have their own agendas for their own complicated reasons and nodding and smiling is about all a person can do about that.


Hi Paula,I tend to agree with Alison. There will prob be scars left behind,there are also other tests they can do that help Dx if MRI isn’t conclusive. Also just an educated guess. Hope you get good news when you see the neuro…Tc…Terry

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Thanks both. Keeping my fingers crossed for it.

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