MRI Results.

Hello all,

Well had a letter from neuro this morning. It’s one sentence long and it says that my brain mri was entirely normal and my symptoms are not due to a serious underlying nerological cause.

Of course I am really pleased but baffled at the same time as only this morning my left arm was dead when my alarm went off and now it won’t stop twitching from my shoulder to my elbow. Wierd.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday and that all you people in limbo land get some answers soon.

Thanks for listening. Bye for now. X

Hello Black cat. I’m glad your scans have come back clear but sorry its left you wondering about your symptoms.

If your symptoms persist then don’t give up trying to find out the cause.

Take care, Noreen

Hi there Noreen,

Yes I will be phoning the doctor first thing Monday. As well as my arm twitching my shoulders, back of head, side of face and one side of my forehead have gone numb and when I touch a certain area on the back of my neck I go all dizzy. I think it’s to do with my back as I have had a dodgy back for some years. Oh well, what a case I am!

Wishing you well. X