First MRI result - more tests to follow!

Hello everyone.

So had the results from the thoracic / cervical MRI yesterday. Letter said “scan was reassuringly normal. There is certainly no evidence of significant slipped disc causing pressure on any nerves” So I am assuming that there were no lesions etc either altho it doesn’t say either way if they were even looked for.

Off next for Brain MRI and nerve conductivity tests. It is good that I am not having to push at all for thorough testing :slight_smile:

Not sure how to feel about this result - always that glad it didn’t show anything sinister but no clarity either feeling lol

G x

Hi Gypsy.

It is good news that the scan has come back normal.

Lets hope the next one is the same.

I had a battery of tests over many years, before MS was finally discounted.

It is hard to sort out how you feel, try to keep positive eh?

luv Polx