Hello :)

Hello, thought I’d drop a line and let you know that the relapse has eased off a bit. I’m still falling about like a wet kipper but my head feels a lot clearer and not like it’s on a psychedelic roller coaster!

i suppose this isn’t what the docs hoped for. They thought that by taking me of my Crohns meds (Humira), I would get better and improve from day one. That hasn’t been the case, so it looks like they will rule out Humira being the cause. It may have caused the damage in the first place though, not sure. The Neuro seems to think it’s my Temporal Lobe that’s affected, so I’ve got another EEG in 2 weeks, with the flashy lights etc, then another MRI at the end of the week. I won’t see the Neuro now till March, unless something crops up before then.

so that’s my update. I’m having trouble trying to get my wheelchair delivered, they couldn’t organise a p£&s up in a brewery!

thankyou to those who asked how I was doing etc. it means a lot and very welcomed when I was in my pit of horribleness :slight_smile: xx

Hi, well you are a little bit wiser now I guess. But still need more answers.

Hang in there kid!

Cant someone collect the chair for you?


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