Here I go again!

Hey ho peeps. Well, thinking I’m out of relapse, woke up this morning not too bad. Then, this afternoon, downhill. It starts all over again. Balance up the wall, foot drop, speech and cognitive probs. so before I withdraw from this till I feel a bit more normal, I want to say good luck to those with upcoming appointments. I hope you are all ok. Thanks to everyone I’ve ‘met’ so far, you’ve been more help than you realise. Back soon Xxx

Hope you rest up well and remit sooner rather than later xx

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time; just rest and hopefully you’ll feel a bit more steady soon. Just letting you know I’m sending you my thoughts! Take care!

Sorry to hear this Beverly. I’m probably too late now with my message but hope things improve for you quickly.



Hi Beverly, hope you feel better soon. We all thnking of you, hang in there and come back and see us when you feel able to.

{{{{{hugs}}}} and best wishes.

Bunny xx

Just a quick hello, it’s easing slightly but head still a bit ‘out of it’. Thanks for your messages, I really appreciate it. Feels like the worlds worst hangover, but at least I managed to do a bit of drawing today. Hope you’re all ok. I’m going to have a browse and see what’s going on in the forum :slight_smile: xxxxx

Forgot to say! Got my MRI through for the 10th June.finally! This is the one to check progression of lesions, so hopefully I’m on my way to having the Tysabri I’ve been promised. Getting a bit sick of these relapses tbh.xx