Just called to say hello!

Hi All

Just wanted to say hello!

I sometimes pop on but I’ve not felt able to comment on posts - I don’t know why! Head in sand syndrome maybe?

I’m still in limbo - having the dreaded LP next week after a few refusals!

I’m still vigilantly taking my gabapentin and baclofen and they seem to be keeping things at bay apart from some niggly neuro symptoms x

Anyway that’s it really!!


Good luck with LP xx

Thanks Poppyseed!

It’s scares the hell out of me!

I keep putting it off as I’m feeling ok at the moment! Needless to say if it was when I was really ill I’d have happily let them do anything to me to get some help and find out what’s wrong.

I have said since that I want to wait to see if I have another relapse before subjecting myself to the LP - but the neuro keeps reviewing and making me another appointment!! xxx

My next test is a muscle biopsy, and I dread what you have to go through and then get a clear result. Yet a clear result is the best outcome?!?!

Hi Jen

try not to worry about the LP when I had one done I can honestly say that it was almost painless. I was given some ‘numbing stuff’ as the doctor called it, before the procedure was done & all I felt was him ‘poking’ about Hopefully you’ll be the same & come out wondering why you were worried!

Good luck,

Rosina x