just wanted to say 'hi'

Today is my first post. I’m one of the many with a long list of symptoms but am undiagnosed, just feel that my symptoms may fit, yet I know it could well be something else, just know I’m not right! Just in the middle of mris, neuro consults etc. On gabapentin 2700mg pday at the minute which seems to be helping with the trigeminal neuralgia/numbness/pins and needles and burning. Kind of feel like I’ve been living half a life for the last couple of years, due to pain, fatigue etc, just getting done the essentials and too knackered for anything else!

Just wanted to say I think the forum is great, I feel like I have gained a great deal of comfort, info, and reassurance in a way from coming online, and being able to share in everyones experiences at a time when you darn’t admit to anyone what you actually fear may be wrong with you, for fear of being told you are over-reacting. My family are great, but I do feel a bit isolated with my own thoughts, so thankyou to everyone.

ps. just wanted to say a special thanks to rizzo for all the info she gives

Hi Nipper

Sorry you have found yourself here but Welcome

It really is a great place to get support for all those thoughts!

Laura x

Hi, a big welcome from me too.

We`re here for each other as most of us have experienced what you are going through.

Look forward to chatting more.

luv Pollx

Hello and welcome from me too (and thank you / you’re welcome!) :slight_smile: Unless they’ve had something similar, people do generally find it impossible to understand the invisible symptoms we get :frowning: At least we all understand on here :slight_smile: Karen x

Hello from me tooi always ask karenxx julie

Thanks everyone. Hope you are all having a decent day! x

Hi Nipper and welcome…

Pat x

Hello, Nipper. I’m in much the same situation as you so I know how you feel. I agree that finding this forum has been a great help; there are some very knowledgeable and insightful people here. I’ve found it very difficult to talk to friends and family about what happening to me, so having this outlet has been brilliant.

Keep on keeping on, eh?

Tina x