Just wanted to say hello as I’ve been lurking for a while & decided it was time to be able to give as well as take good advice here!

My story so far… ended up hearing “possibly MS” after a year of problems & urgent referral to ENT by my Gp. ENT consultant decided I was a “mystery” & sent me for MRI brain/inner ear " probably nothing…" Scan results show " high signal foci in frontal & parietal lobes" so now I’m off to see a neurologist on Wednesday 12th ( been waiting six weeks & learning alot lurking on here!)

This isn’t the first time MS has been mentioned to me as I had a back related episode ( pins & needles, sensory loss, saddle symptoms) twenty years ago. But after the initial mutterings /references to MS it went away & I was scanned & subsequently treated for disc problems. I’ve continued to manage that now chronic back problem with episodes of pins & needles etc with osteopathy & physio. I also do Pilates five days a week.

I won’t bore you anymore but just wanted to say “hi!” & thank you for sharing!

Hi Cygnet

Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope all goes well at your neuro appointment and that you get some answers. At least he will already have the MRI results to look at, so you may be a step closer to some answers that you would have been otherwise. Let us know how you get on.

Lilacgirl x

Hi from me too and its such a nice thing to say, that you feel its time to give as well as take advice. Sweet!

Hope the appt goes well…only 2 sleeps!

Look forward to reading how it went.

luv Polllx

Thank you for your kind words & thoughts! They cheered me up no end after a difficult day…

Boudica - I normally count only sleeps when I go on holiday but hey - why not this too!!


Welcome to the forum, do hope your neuro appt’ goes well for you. It’s great you decided to join our happy chat. Janet x

Thanks Janet - it’s lovely everyone is so warm & welcoming!

C xx