First Neuro appointment tomorrow

Waited weeks and weeks and finally got my Neuro appointment tomorrow…8 weeks later after seeing 3GPs, 2 Consultants, MRI’s and a load of other tests which all came back clear :slight_smile: I am strangely looking forward to it as I want answers! Been told it is very likely that I have MS but more tests are needed! What happened and your first Neuro appointment? Don’t have a clue what to expect.

I am in the same boat. Been told ms a strong possibility, MRI clear, got my first appointment next week. I am counting the days down as I just want answers like yourself. Please let me know via this thread what went on, I will be really interested to know. Which hospital are you attending? Good luck, hope you get the answers you need :slight_smile:

Thanks I will do! I’m under Walton hospital, been informed that I’ll be having a lumbar puncture, just hope I don’t have to wait much longer for the results.

Ouch! The one thing I am sooooo dreading. Really squeamish about needles in my back. Hope it goes ok for you x

I was told (in my first neuro appointment) that I probably had MS. I was shown my MRIs (acetates - this was 1999) with lots of lesions. I was told to go away and come back to a second appointment two weeks later with questions. I don’t think the interferons were available then - definitely not widely available so there was no treatment to discuss (the symptoms from my first relapse weren’t bad enough to need treatment).

Hello Anon,you’ll be given more tips on what to expect,but I advise taking somebody with you.If they have got a good memory,can take notes or have a dictaphone ,so much the better.There will be a lot said by the Neuro,possibly some of it technical.If you go by yourself try and write down what you can,and ask the Neuro to write down anything that you don’t know much about or cannot spell.

The Neuro will understand if you’re a bit nervous,and at the end of the day will help you,especially if you ask questions about what they’re saying.

Good luck,


Hi anon, He did you go on? Any questions answered for you? X

Hey I got emitted straight away after my appointment, looks like I don’t have MS after my local hospital saying it is very likely I do…the specialist here straight away thinks its Myasthenia Gravis (MG) which has similar symptoms to MS, having to have more muscle tests and scans to confirm results x

Wow! I guess you are getting somewhere at least. Not the best scenario, but I guess choosing between the two, there isn’t a best case scenario. Wishing you well and really hope you get sorted out, inbox me if you ever need a chat with anyone! Sam x