Big Neuro Appointment tomorrow - where next - Help

Hi everyone, I have my second Neuro appointment tomorrow, finally after 4 months. I have a brain scan that shows lesions in corpus collosum, and the periventricular regions of the brain. I have had a negative VEP and a nerve conduction study which showed constant stimulation to my legs. I just wondered what the neuro might tell me? Will he dx me? What further would you expect him to need if not? What questions/ challenges should I ask him during meeting? Really want this to be productive as I’ve waited an awful long time Thanks

I guess will either say it’s MS, it’s Probable MS (if you’ve had only one attack) or he/she will have decided that it’s something else entirely. What to ask depends on what you want to know, but I do recommend that you get the contact details for the MS nurse if you are told MS or probable MS. Don’t forget to ask for help with any symptoms that are troubling you. Make a list so you don’t forget anything and make sure to use it! (It’s easy to forget in the circumstances.) Good luck! Karen x

Still non the wiser, I now have a lumbar puncture booked for the 17th April. I basically had to do all the talking, neuro seemed to not have a clue about my previous meetings with a diff neuro. He didn’t really answer any of my questions. Could he have said poss MS or MS? He said the LP will rule out MS but I don’t believe he’s right, is he? I have lesions in 2 of the most typical areas for dx ms

LPs cannot rule MS in or out. If it is positive, it strengthens the conclusion that it is MS. If it is negative, it throws a bit of doubt on it being MS, but it is not conclusive by any means.

Hopefully the follow up letter the neuro sends the GP will be more informative than the appointment!

Try to take someone with you next time - an extra pair of eyes and ears is really helpful for remembering what’s said.

Karen x