clutching at straws

Hi everyone hope we are all ok,

Right im in limboland awaiting my MRI on the 9th March, I have what looks like drop foot along with numbness in leg and foot along with the pins and needles and pain (past history pointing to MS), have been experiencing other pains in the last 2 weeks and wondered if i should make a note for when I go back to the Neuro doc, horrid headache which goes into my jaw kinda like ive been grinding my teeth ( I havnt) and this weekend was sooooooo tired everything was an effort and all my limbs ached like Id done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, kinda like flu aches and pains. Do ppl keep a diary of stuff which happens however insignificant?

I have been perscriped Amatriptlyne and also been taking Ibrprohen

Thanks for reading … Michelle x

I’d say, yes, add it to a diary, but try and summarise it before you see the neuro - most neuros will not thank you for sheets and sheets of paper.

The headache/pain into your jaw might be trigeminal neuralgia (TN), but it would be worth checking with your dentist that you don’t have something structural going on. If it’s neurological, then increasing your amitriptyline might help, but I don’t know how good it is for TN - maybe see your GP if you can’t get in touch with your neuro to ask? (If the ibuprofen is helping, then it’s more likely to be a structural thing because ibuprofen doesn’t do much, if anything, for TN.)

When fatigue hits that badly, there’s not a whole lot to be done but rest :frowning:

I hope it improves soon!

Karen x

Thanks for taking the time replying Karen, I will start writing things down but not essays, I took the ibrophen for the aches as my hands were so painful, feel like im older than my years! So interesting reading everyones stories and nobody is the same and also how with most signs invisable hard to explain to family and friends, but they can see Im walking funny and cant walk long distances now, roll on my scan and maybe some answers. Michelle x