Email sent to MS Nurse

As you know, I’m having a pretty horrid relapse at the moment, so I sent an email to the MS Nurse that I’ve been referred to but not heard anything from as yet. The poor love will read my email which is about 2 pages long lol! I emailed as my speech is rubbish and I explained that as well. Hopefully she can pull some strings and get either an appointment or some sort of help from somewhere, I’m not sure of the drill as I’ve not had any sort of help as yet. Will keep you posted xx

All the best Beverly, I hope you hear back from the nurse soon and get some help. Noreen x

Aw, thanks, so do I. I feel like I’ve run out of steam. I’m so tired! Xx

You should think about contacting your local red cross. I used to volunteer for them and go into people’s home. I would do therapeutic neck/shoulder massage, hand/arms massage. Your gp refer’s you too them. Give them a ring sometime and ask about it. You get one massage a week for six week. You would definitely be entitled :slight_smile: Noreen x

Aw that sounds lovely. I wouldn’t let them leave! I will do that and Thankyou for the advice. I think I’m also going to try and get a telephone appt with my dr as I’m still waiting to see him and that’s not for 2 weeks :s x

I hope you have heard something by now? If not get back on the phone to the neuro, gp and nurse and demand some action.

Not heard anything today, so will be on the phone to Neuro secretary tomorrow. X thanks x