Advice please

I experienced a relapse a month ago, was doing well then
Had an appointment with my MS nurse and mentioned
My skin on my arms felt prickly and felt like I was being squeezed and heart was hurting!!

I had my bloods and urine sample done on the same day all we’re fine. She mentioned it’s the MS hug.

I’ve had that for one week now my eyes seem to be affected

Is this normal? I’m seeing a neurologist on Thursday

I just feel I can’t take anymore! Feeling like a bad Mum at the moment. As seem to
Be unwell all the bloody time!!

Thank you


hi meg

you poor thing, the ms hug is truly vile.

stop thinking of yourself as a bad mum!

you’re still their mum in spite of the horrible things ms is doing to you.

i understand that being unable to tear around the park makes you feel bad but your child or children will remember all the cuddles and stories far more.

i hope you have some help, if not - well all those people who asked if you needed any help and you refused, as i feel you would have done - ask if the offer is still there.

and cut yourself some slack!

the world keeps on turning even if the ironing hasn’t been done!

hope you feel better soon

carole x

Thank you Carole you are so bloody right. I’m going to snap out of this.

Thank you xx