ms hug advice needed

hi everyone hope your all ok.need some advice on the ms hug.just getting over a second episode of the hug.i ,m having another relapse and now i get the hug too.this time it terrified me and my chest felt so sucked in that i was having trouble to get my breath.the pain was getting unbearable.thought it would never ease.gradually the intenseness wore of but my body still felt like i had been wrapped up nuero said its just something i will have to get use to ,what i would lke to know is has anyone got any advice on how to cope with this symptom as i,m living in fear of its return.any help would be appreciated

Hi Mistymoo, are you on any med’s for it? I find Amitriptyline helps. I don’t get hug as often & it isn’t as ‘tight’.

You have my sympathy hon as it is a very distressing symptom.

Here is a copy & paste list of tips that might help:

It’s a spasm of the small muscles between the ribs. Here are some tips that might help:

· Much worse in heat

· Much worse when fatigued or stressed

· Don’t wear a bra (it irritates the muscles)

· Don’t wear tight clothing… the looser the better

· Avoid large meals… little and often is better

· Lie down in/on bed if you can… and lying completely flat often helps

· Take 2 Paracetamol… if you are not on other pain med’s

· Try controlling your breathing… deep in through the nose and slowly blow out of mouth… and try and relax whole body while doing it

· Stay as cool as you can but don’t have cold shower… luke warm is better

· Rest, rest, rest and then get some more rest (if at all possible)

· Gently rub the affected area. It might feel like it’s bruised… don’t worry, that’s normal

Hope this helps a bit but if you are not on med’s the neuro should be prescribing something!

Pat x

Thanks for this information Pat.

Wendy x

thankyou for the great advice .i take noratryptalene and pregabalyn and really they just about help now my dose has been trippled.but your advice is a lot more then i got from the ms clinic .so thankyou lotsxx


I would just repeat what Pat says. This is a perfect answer and all that she says in her reply erally helps me. We have bought an air cond machine which really helps. If you keep cool then this helps.

Take care

Shazzie xxx