Flicky eyes, headaches, and feeling spaced out and lethargic! Help please.

Hi everyone. Well this is week four of feeling rubbish. I’m slightly fed up now. I think I am having a relapse but I have not had one since I was diagnosed with MS almost 3 years ago. My legs and arms are achey and heavy and my left eye keeps flicking. I have had a headache for well over a month now and I am worried. My MS nurse does not seem worried and I feel really unsupported. I guess I am just looking for some reassurance as I keep thinking I have a brain tumour!!! I just feel in a ‘whatever sort of mood’ :frowning: Sarah

Hi Sarah, I am sorry you are feeling so rubbish and having to feel unsupported by MS nurse. I would not let them fob me off, you know your body better than anyone so would push for appointment to see the nurse or neurologist. You may well be having a relapse, you may well have an infection but either way you know something is up and it is the MS nurse’ job to find out and help. Don’t let them tell you to wait and see, if it is a relapse the quicker you get on steroids the quicker you can start to feel better and if it is an infection causing your symptoms you need medication to deal with that. Phone them again and don’t take no for an answer. hugs Linda x

Thank You Linda. I emailed her today and she is going to speak to neurologist and get back to me. It’s just frustrating to feel so alone. Luckily I have a very supportive family but as you say it is the MS nurses job to help. It’s just not much fun when you have two little ones to look after. x