Flicky eyes, headaches, and feeling spaced out and lethargic! Help please.

Hi everyone. Well this is week four of feeling rubbish. I’m slightly fed up now. I think I am having a relapse but I have not had one since I was diagnosed with MS almost 3 years ago. My legs and arms are achey and heavy and my left eye keeps flicking. I have had a headache for well over a month now and I am worried. My MS nurse does not seem worried and I feel really unsupported. I guess I am just looking for some reassurance as I keep thinking I have a brain tumour!!! I just feel in a ‘whatever sort of mood’ :frowning: Sarah

Have you seen a doctor? Or had an eye test? More likely to be migraine ire MS related than a brain tumour, and/or you need glasses.

I agree with Mrs C, best to get it checked.

Pam x

Hi, just make an appt with your GP, as not all health issues are ms related.

Good luck.


Hi All. I went to see GP and she didn’t seem concerned and I only just had eyes tested and have worn glasses for a while now.