I've never felt so ill

Hi All,

Sorry to rant on, but I really have had it. I want to get up and get on with my day and do things, and at present i’ve gone from being a healthy active person to pretty much house bound. Everyday I get up with a huge struggle and feel hungover and heavy eyed like I haven’t slept in weeks, which of course is not the case, I don’t sleep great but I do get sleep. I’m always walking funny and cannot walk in straight line, I wobble and sway and when I am out which is rare people think I am drunk!! I am exhausted everyday, I keep spasming and jerking and my eyes are starting to take a while to focus with minor blurriness and have aching daily behind my eyes. I am so sick of it all.

Hi hun, I have replied to your other post.

I am sorry you feel so lost.

I felt like that for a long time too.

I didnt fit any tick box.

I felt I was always on the outside looking in.

I found a place to come… here, and I feel at home.

luv Pollx

Im in your boat at the moment Melnic, its horrible isnt it!. the week before last i was bouncing around like tigger, well in my head any way ;0), and im now flat on the sofa wondering where the delomition ball came from and wholloped me in the head. Im putting mine down to the tooth absess i had and the dentist wouldnt take the tooth out she just kept giving me antibiotics which didnt work so that poison was in my system for a good 6 weeks that I was aware of. now 4 weeks after the tooth was taken out i have hit rock bottom. 4 weeks after a bug or infection is when i dive, so just going to ride the wave and hope I come out the other side sooner rather than later. lucky I work from home , mainly on the computer so i can carry on with little bits each day. I hope you feel better soon.


Hi BC, ooh that sounds like a nasty prob with the dental stuff.

Rest up now!


Hi melnic - I’ve just replied to your other post.

H x