Feeling a bit fed up

Well, I had a really good remission, where I felt pretty much ‘normal’. I still paced myself but I was loving it. To cut a long story short, I now feel like a wet lettuce. :s so tired. Legs feel like lead. Twitchy. Just miserable. I have felt myself slowing down for the last few weeks and was gutted as I knew this was the start of feeling rubbish for a while.

My head is on a different planet, I’m just away with the fairies lol. Every movement is an effort. Bah! And Bah! Again :s

Aww, sorry to hear you’re feeling so horrible, try to take it easy. Sometimes you just have to give in to it. I hope you’re back to ‘normal’ before long.

Rosina x

Thanks Rosina :slight_smile: I know, it’s just annoying isn’t it. Ah well, hopefully some more good days soon. Hope you’re well xx

Sorry to hear you are feeling miserable and suffering again, take things easy and rest as much as you can. Sending (((((HUGS))))) for a quick recovery.



Thankyou :slight_smile: I’m taking it easy…grudgingly :slight_smile: xx