Feeling lou

A few months ago I promised myself and all of you I would stop moaning. I can’t do it.

I’m getting steadily worse, soon I won’t be able to do anything and I don’t know how we will cope.

I’m not well at the moment, I’ve got a dose of gastro enteritis which has left me very weak. Soon I’m going to be this weak all the time. This is a taste of my future and its not far away.

I’d try anything, if anything was on offer, which might help.

i can’t take much more.

Hiya FP

Firstly can u share ur crystal ball?!

U r feeling poorly cos u have a bug and everything seems worse when this happens.

U will deal with whatever comes your way-i know you will.

Don’t be so hard on the yourself. 15 mins at a time may I suggest.

Sending you virtual hugs FP.

Ellie x


Dear Flowerpot

When you have a bug it’s not possible to feel positive so don’t be despondent with your current mood.

It does seem that just lately you’ve been having a really tough time and I totally sympathise with you. To some extent I think you & I are somewhat having a whole load or cr*p lately so I do get why you’re so down. There are times when you just can’t see how you’ll ever be any better. It feels like this is as good as it’s ever going to be.

But that may not be true. When you feel ill it’s impossible to get past the everyday challenges you face. When you feel better you’ll be able to cope a little bit better with your physical limitations and will maybe find that things aren’t quite as desperate as they feel today.

Once you start to feel like you’re over the gastric enteritis, you will perhaps be able to see some small things that are positive. You’ll maybe not feel quite as negative as you do right now. Meanwhile, allow yourself a bit of feeling sorry for yourself. You’re entitled now and then to complain and to say ‘it’s just not fair!’


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hi flowerpot

i understand how you are feeling.

any infection or bug hits us far worse than most of the population.

i’m telling myself that it won’t last forever but i’m having difficulty believing it.

i’ve been having one UTI after another.

all my usual tricks to cheer myself up aren’t working because i’m feeling too poorly to do them.

my favourite is to visit a little cafe overlooking the reservoir. (google rivington bowling club)

it’s an eight mile drive and i just don’t trust myself to get there and back safely.

you will get through this and i will get through as well.

we don’t have much choice do we?

I hope i haven’t offended you because my words can be clumsy at times.

sending you gentle hugs and healing energy

carole xx

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