Feeling lousy

I’ve felt iffy all day, tired, weary, no strength and no energy. Is this just the fatigue of ms do you think? I’ve never felt this weak and weary in the eight years since my dx. Now I’ve just had an awful bout of diahorrea (spelling?) I’ve taken Imodium mostly cos I can’t get to the loo in time, but I’m wondering if this is something that is going to be better out than in, and am not sure if I should have taken anything, but I can’t sit on the loo indefinitely. I sat there for an hour just in case! Horrible :frowning:

I agree with Jen - it does sound like a tummy bug. I have a summer cold - they are doing the rounds as well.

Stay hydrated and hopefully it will all flush out (pun definitely intended)

Take care

JBK xx

I know that feeling but from the other way CONSTIPATION sitting there for hours trying to go exhausts me often to the point I end up in bed for a couple of days getting over it. MS fatigue is very fickle it only takes something out of the norm to make you feel knackered. My worse times is when I have a urine infection my legs wont move/bend etc and I am bedbound untill it has gone .

Hope your soon on the mend. Donthats me I am a happy flower today my wife has just filled the bird feeders and I am sitting here watching the garden birds.