Alcohol related symptoms

For 2 days my left leg has been playing up- more fuzzy and cold than usual, it can come and go but these are particularly bad days with it.

last night, I had a meal and a few drinks. I don’t drink much these days.

i feel rough as today. But not in a hangover way. My leg is bad, I feel dizzy, hot to cold and emotional.

i was diagnosed with rrms this year, I can’t identify a particular relapse in the past. Could I be having a relapse now or is it likely that alcohol is exacerbating my symptoms?

your thoughts and experiences are appreciated


hi emma

give it a day or two for the alcohol to leave your system.

if you still feel as bad, contact your ms nurse to check if it is a relapse.

get your urine tested because a UTI causes a pseudo-relapse.

carole x

Dear Emma, earlier this summer I asked the forum whether alcohol affects MS and many people wrote back and said yes.

In my case; exercising (especially harder stuff like circuit training), heat and alcohol definitely strengthen symptoms. Normally temporarily. I am now careful not to get too drunk because a big hangover is horrid and leaves me very shaky.

warmest thoughts Ali


Thanks to you both

I tried to post yesterday, but it kept showing an error.

today I got antibiotics for a urine infection, but I’m not ruling out that alcohol may also have made me feel worse.

Thanks for your advice x

If it were me, I’d accept that the UTI made everything worse. Yes if we’re shaky on our feet alcohol can be a bad thing in volume but a glass or two of wine or a couple of gins probably isn’t going to do too much damage.


That’s true Sue,

i’ll trial it and see how I get in next time I have a few drinks-

at a wedding in 2 weeks

Dear Emma and Sue, since my diagnosis I definitely require less alcohol to feel tipsy, a silly benefit from the MS!!