Can anyone tell me if alcohol affects them very badly? I havent been a big drinker drank over the past 9 years or so as I’ve got children, however I’ve noticed that over the last 6-8 months or so if I’ve even had just one glass of wine for example, the hangover that I’ve had has been immense. I’ve not even tried a glass since new years eve (and then I only had one) so at the weekend whilst away camping I thought I would just have a glass of lager, just a half pint glass whilst having some tea at the local pub with friends. I only had the one as was worried that I may react badly to it and then followed on the rest of the evening with lime and soda and a few cups of decaf tea back at the campsite. Anyway, once again I woke in the night with the campervan spinning and the worst headache ever. The following day I was in such a state, the dizziness was so bad I couldn’t walk straight without holding on to things and I was so confused and ‘foggy’…I ended up having to go and lie down for a few hours and felt bad until the following evening. Is this normal?? Does anyone else experience this reaction from alcohol?

Hello Daisy

I can cope with 1 or maybe 2 glasses of wine with a meal…small glasses.

I can not tolerate alcohol like I used to and to be honest I have enough problems with my balance without aggravating it with over drinking.

It does seem to act faster on my body. One glass to me can make me feel quite giddy and believe me I need no encouragement for that

I never feel like you describe and if I did I wouldn’t bother drinking. There is no point if it makes you feel ill.

Take care xx

Hello Daisy, alcohol prob doesn’t do me any good either. Used to be much more tolerant but like Blossom, it affects balance and I need no help to fall over or trip. Also makes me need the loo more, another thing I could do without. Given everything else that ms has given me, I’m a bit stubborn about giving up alcohol entirely as I do like it, but have def cut back and a few glasses of wine a week are tolerable. Sometimes I’m a bit sluggish the next day but not the hangovers you mention. Figure out what you can enjoy before it makes you feel bad and work with that maybe x