Hi everybody,

Now I don't drink....but I had a bottle of cheap Pina Colada hanging around from Christmas...decided to have a few glasses...and Wow....I feel totally's really weird not got hardly any alcohol in it.

Just wondered is anyone else like this...I've been like this a few times before when I drank 'alco-pops'.

Really strange...when I first drank it my shoulders really ached too.









I havent had a drink for over a year just cant take it,, but when I did I found my muscles contracted very unpeasant, I used to love a vodka

I used to love a glass or two of white wine (I would happily drink a whole bottle sometimes if I am truthful!!) but lately it just gives me such a massive hangover and makes my symptoms immediately worse (shaky, wobbly, weak legs) even after only one glass. So have stopped liver is pleased but I am not!!!

I’ve totally stopped drinking - my bladder can’t cope and it makes me feel really woozy on very little. I adore champagne but didn’t dare have any at Christmas.

Teresa xx