Alcohol free?

Hello I hope everyone’s having a restful weekend! I just wondered what everyone’s attitude to alcohol was? I’ve never been a heavy drinker but I do enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with husband at the weekend. It’s been 2 months since I last had any alcohol - my gp put me on naproxen for backache and betahistine dihydrochloride for vertigo/dizziness and I’ve felt so rubbish I haven’t even considered drinking anything other than water or soft drinks. We’re thinking about camping next weekend with friends and I’d really love to unwind and have a few beers - I’ve been feeling quite good today and just wondered if there’d be any harm in doing this - or maybe I should stop my tablets for a few days? I’m not planning on getting plastered or anything (famous last words) but really want to chill out and feel normal for a weekend. Neuro appt is Friday - no diagnosis yet so still not sure what’s going on with my body…


if you do decide to come off your tablets and have a drink, please tell the friends you are camping with in case you get poorly.

i take tinzanidine for leg pain/spasms and although i was warned not to drink when taking them i had half of lager (well only half of it) at my nephews christening and the room was whizzing around like mad. so now i don’t take the tablets unless the pain gets too bad.

good luck with your neuro appointment and have a great weekend camping (and possibly getting sloshed)

carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Carole - my friends know all about my various symptoms and worries so I know they’ll look out for me. Still a bit undecided, I’m not in any pain at the moment but I’ll keep taking the meds and make a decision in a few days depending how I feel (and depending on the forecast for weekend - if it rains we won’t go!) xx

Hi I am on the same tablets as you for vertigo/sickness etc. I have not been able to drink since last October. I loved a glass of wine, with my husband. However I just cant even have a sip without the room spinning. Could this be because of the symptoms we have or the medication? To be honest tho I dont miss alcohol like I thought I would.

Just want to get better.


I’m an alcohol fan (in moderation but not gov advised!!) I’m taking tabs which say no alcohol but it doesn’t seem to make much difference if I only have a beer or two or one gin or one large wine - I’m definitely tolerating less alcohol but not none - if that makes sense?!! I went onto shandy so can have two pints. White wine spritzer is another solution - there are ways of making it less difficult.

You’ve got to try slowly to see what the effect on you is. You might have no pain because of the meds in which case coming off would bring it back.

Hope you have a lovely time camping xx

Oh Jan - that’s exactly what I keep saying to my husband " I just want to be better again" Just attempted to run up the stairs and failed miserably, it freaked me out a bit to be honest. Am now settled in front of the tv with my usual glass of iced water. At least we’ve got the Olympics closing ceremony to enjoy tonight! xx

Thanks Debc, I’ve discovered alcohol free pear cider so I might just stick with that and save my “tipple” when I’m in the safety of home - just in case! x

Ooh that sounds nice - I’ll look out for it : )

I’ve been having lime and lemonade but it’s a bit dull now. The worse about alcohol since I’ve been neurologically challenged is if I have too much I have no bladder control at all!! So, if only for my dignity, I’m being self-limiting. Ho hum.


I still drink regardless of what some of my meds’ info leaflets say! Unless it says “DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL” in bold, it’s usually pretty safe :slight_smile:

The biggest problem is that alcohol can make balance and walking much worse - so be prepared to embarass yourself! If you don’t care about that or are with good friends who understand, then no worries :slight_smile:

Cheers! (Glass of white next to laptop!)

Karen x

PS Big study in Europe last year showed that MSers who drank alcohol had less severe MS than those who didn’t. Good enough for me!

Hi Guys, Those that have the wine …Cheers and lets enjoy the Olympic Closing Ceremony!!

Jan xx

Loving this. Cheers

Mmmm, starting to have a change of heart now…maybe it wouldn’t hurt…after all, the friends we’ll be with have known me for 20 years - I’m sure they’ll beige than happy to help me with some medical research!!!

Ooops - “be more than” happy - I haven’t even drunk anything yet!!!

Hi Hairbear.

I am on quite alot of tablets each day, and at the weekend I had a couple of whiskey and cokes :smiley: I have noticed I can only have a couple though as any more and I feel the room spinning and I feel like I am going to pass out! Not nice.

As long as you feel well enough to start with, I cant think it will be a terrible thing to do, and as you said, your friends will look after you, so why not :smiley:

Thanks Karen for letting us know about the study - great news :smiley:

Paula xx

Why not do a trial run before you go to you can tell if it affects you in a bad way, I also drink with my meds that it says not to.

I went to a wedding at the weekend and because I have had alot of trial runs!!! I knew how much to have throughout the day,and still enjoy it without making a fool of myself and not making myself ill.

Ms takes far too much off me already there is no way the booze will go too.


Free alcohol…

that’s the style.

Iam on betahistine for my meniries and i have a beer every once in a while x

Wish I could. Had to give it up a couple of years ago. Makes me dizzy and even more unbalanced than usual and for some strange reason makes me very hot.

Good on you if you can still drink. Anything that helps eh?

Pat x