Alcohol and new dx

I’ve noticed since my recent dx of probable ms that I cannot for the life of me handle alcohol. After a few glasses of wine I’m drunk and very unsteady on my feet (the last two nights out I fell over!) and my legs start twitching so bad I need to sit down before they go from under me. This is really frustrating and i know the responsible thing to do here is just to cut down/cut out alcohol, but I am only 26, I am a very social person and want to be able to enjoy a night out with my mates, but it just doesn’t seem worth it all anymore!! Does alcohol have this affect on anyone else?


Are you on any medication ? I’m on baclofen and tizanidine and they’re muscle relaxants and so is alcohol so together they would make you twice as wobbly!!

So yes alcohol affects me more - cheap night out!

You can still drink, but less is more!

Jen x

Yes alcohol affects me too, Ive had to learn to drink a lot less and know when to stop. Sometimes alcohol and pills dont mix, depends on what your on. Im taking baclofen and amytryptiline and Im sure on the instructions it says not to drink whilst taking? I took no notice for a while but then had to take note because like you I used to fall all over the place and good for nothing afterwards. Try drinking juice then have the odd glass of wine. Balance is an issue and yes ms doesnt like alcohol along with other things, its a darn nightmare altering our lives.

You are not alone, but please dont stop being social, just change your drink maybe and drink less and bottoms up for a good night out next time eh.



Hi guys, thanks for your replies. That is the worrying thing, I’m currently not on any meds. I guess less is definitely more. I must of had 5 drinks the other night and I was all over the place. I’m just going to cut down on my intake! I’ve already ruined a fav pair of jeans by falling over and ripping them at the knee, lol. Ash x

think its just finding the right amount you can handle Ashmash.

i was a pretty big drinker before ms. all day sessions were the norm. to me but not now. half a dozen pints is about my wack now. like you my legs go all wobbly. only on wednessday i had a bad fall right outside my house. legs went and i stumbled 3 or 4 yards and hit my sons car. knocked myself out. come round with bust lips, sore jaw and arm. not very nice. oh and a dint in my lads car bonnet.

i must remember not to have that one pint too many lol

atb MTT

Sorry to hear about your fall Mick, not nice indeed! I hope you weren’t too badly hurt. I defo can’t handle what I used to, but then again thats just called getting older ha ha. Do me no harm to cut down a bit I suppose. I dread to think what I would be like on meds& alcohol! No more all day sessions for me either! Take care. Ash x

Me too! Can’t handle much at all. 3 is my max. It is definitely about finding your limit. I also make sure I have a full stomach- that helps. Kx

im alright Ash. just feel like ive had a good hiding lol

atb MTT

Yes, I recognise this. For the same reason, I made a rule for myself never to drink too much outside my own home. I’ve failed a few times but I’m human. Inside my own home don’t ask.

Lol… Suppose inside the safety of your home doesn’t count haha. I’m actually afraid to drink alcohol now, I can’t seem to even handle a few!

In that case, a bottle at a time only!

What about the garden?

Lol… My problem is, I can’t have one I have to have the bottle haha… Suppose the garden is ok, you can consider the grass as the carpet haha

Yes affects me too nowadays. i used to be able to drink all evening and remain perfectly upright and reasonably coherant, but now I can feel drunk after 1 glass, and I find alcohol really sets off my tremors and dizzyness, even just a little of it. i’m currently not on meds at the moment either so i can’t blame that either.

I’m only on the dmd rebif and i am the same. Two glasses of wine and i’m p****d!!! I am not much of a drinker anyway so its not bothered me much. I don’t drink at all when i’m out now for fear of making myself look stupid and just have the occasional glass at home. Having said all of this - i’m much older than you (41) so i can sympathise as at your age its not much fun. Teresa.x

I’m the same I can’t work out which drink is the one tomany lucky I got good friends that hold me up I have been known to fall over infact I broke my leg 3 years ago coming out a night club end ended up in hospital for a week…

Still haven’t learn by my mistake, but I think its my way of letting go abit so can’t see me stopping the drink…

Sue x

I drink like a fish but do notice twitchier legs. Am on Amatryptaline and it only says avoid alcohol so if you’re a bit of an alkie like me it’s unavoidable therefore ok. (in my head!). Would be lost without it and still working full time so you just have to take the rough with the smooth and do what suits you.