Oops well I went out last night for a change of scenery and although I didn’t actually drink that much or so I thought I seemed very drunk? Is this because the steroids are still in my system? Also by getting drunk will I have done further damage? I’m really mad with myself as I did not intend to get drunk and off what I drank I would never usually be like I was last night? Which has confused me a little. But my main worry is that I will have made things worse :frowning: I’m signed off for another two weeks now anyway but I just needed to get out last night and see other walks? Advice/reassurance please x

i don’t think you’ll have done any serious damage.

hope your hangover isnt too bad.

i still buy my favourite wine but cant drink it. i’ll have to stop torturing myself with it.

when awaiting diagnosis i used to look drunk so would have a drink to feel normal.

a neighbour pointed and laughed at me cos i was staggering and she thought it was the drink.

how i wish!!!

carole x

Thats the weird thing, no hangover at all. Feel like I hardly drank anything just at the time felt very drunk. Weird eh? Wonder if the steroids still floating round my system :-o thanks for your reply carol. X

This is a good question. I don’t know the answer for sure, but I’ve been taken unexpectedly drunk a few times when I only expected to be lightly merry. I think it is definitely related to what I’ve eaten and how long ago. I’m sure you’ve done no lasting damage.


Don’t worry. As long as you did not fall over and break a valuable limb, I am sure there’s no harm done. Feeling fragile MS-wise can definitely reduce one’s capacity, though. Something to be aware of, but not to worry about. Alison x

Thanks guys. You’ve reassured me, might have a glass of … Water of course to celebrate… :wink: heehee x