Steroid advice please

Hi everybody I’m on my first day of steroids for the very first time. Would I/ should I be feeling any advantages/ side-effects this quickly? Also can I have my Saturday night glass of wine or is this a big no-no. Thanks in advance for any advice. Ann Marie

Hi Ann Marie I’m sorry I can’t answer your queries, it’s probably too late to ring a pharmacy to ask about the wine but maybe Google could help. Cheers Jan

Hi Anne Marie, It depends on what dosage you are taking as to whether you feel the benefit ,so far as your wine goes I’d give it a miss whilst taking them. You haven’t said if it’s a course of steroids or a maintenance dose. I take a maintenance dose of oral steroids daily and have given up alcohol altogether, without them I am really bad. Hope this helps and wish you luck that they help you. Best wishes Janet x

Hi Janet. Maintenance dose? Are you on daily permanent? I was under the impression you could only have 3 times per year?? I just had 15days worth. But yes without knowing the dose can’t help.

i was told no alcohol at all, from the neuro and the pharmacist. i was on really really strong steroids tho, can’t remember what they were called but there were not the “normal” ones people are given. but might be different for you

some people do start feeling better pretty fast, but its not a quick fix for everyone

Just finished two week course of steroids (Prednisolone 50mg). Benefits after second day. One or two glasses of wine most nights. No problem !

When I have oral steroids it’s an eight day course. Sometimes I start feeling the benefit almost straight away but usually it’s not till after I’ve finished them. They keep working for some weeks after you’ve finished so don’t despair.

Drinking was OK, I had no problem with a glass of wine while on steroids.

Thanks for the advice everyone. It’s a three day course. 10 x 100mg. Had a pretty normal day yesterday with no signs of any energy boost, in fact was probably slightly more tired than I normally am. Slept all night, maybe a bit restless, but that’s all. Second does this morning and so far everything is fine.maybe the energy boost will manifest itself later, hopefully. Had one glass of wine with my meal last night with no ill effects so, so far sell seems to be good. Fingers crossed it continues like this. Ann Marie xxxx

You know we have to go through so much crap with this illness that I decided a long time ago to live my life irrespective of what I am throwing into my body medication wise. And you know what, I am still here still functioning ok and am relatively happy. If I listened to the doctors advice or paid attention to all the warnings on the medication info I would be sitting here in bubble wrap sipping bottled water through a sterilised tube wearing a filtered mask and making sure that I avoided contact with anything that had not been triple stamped as approved. As it is I am sitting having a chilled magners and contemplating the next one. When I was diagnosed 30 years I knew I had the choice of living my life or getting through it. I chose the former and have been pedal to the metal since. I realise you got to die of something and as long as it is not old age or boredom then I can go with that. Gary

My Dad has always said he wants to skid up to the grave doing 120mph, cigar in one hand and glass of wine in the other, being chased by a jealous husband ( or two! ). Not a bad attitude. He is 82 now and in fine fettle so he may yet get his wish.

Hello Ann Marie, To answer your question, yes I take 10mg every day as not only have I got MS but have 4 other autoimmune diseases so I have been put on a maintenance dose to help control everything. Trouble is I’ve put on so much weight it’s cost me loads in clothes to fit me! Best wishes Janet x