Day 3 iv steroid

Hi - have just had my last iv of a three day course of steriods for a recent relapse :frowning: just wondering since it’s sat and been feeling crap wud it be ok to have a glass of wine?

Yeah I have decided to stick to water do to even feel like any just wishful thinking lol

I have no idea what is the official line on this, but I will say from my personal experience how impressed I am that you have left it this long.

I really hope that the steroids do a great job for you.


Odd question for people who have have iv steroids but did you notice you pee’d alot less when on them?? I feel nothing I’m drinking is coming out which is quite the opposite of my usual symptoms…!!! Ill burst!! Re the wine - I wouldn’t know. I’m not able to consider wine as steroids have me feeling shocking. Or maybe it’s the relapse… Maybe wine would help actually…!!! I hope steroids help you.