Side effects of steroids

Hey, I’ve just finished a course of IV steroids this week to clear up a relapse. It’s the first time I’ve had steroids in a few years. I’m feeling pretty dreadful today and have spent most of the day in bed and I wanted to find out how other people have felt after IV steroids in the past.

I’m usually bouncing off the walls by day 2. It is the only time I ever have a decent amount of energy. I don’t sleep very well for a week or 2, then I come back to earth with a bump and feel rough for a few days. Each time has been slightly different though. Good Luck

Oh poor you.

I’ve only had steroids in tablet form once. Neuorologist said the chemist might question the dosage as it was almost toxic.

Heck it felt toxic - in bed for a week - couldn’t do anything. Not even listen to the radio.

Didn’t help me either. Missed a couple of good parties!

Hope you’re feeling better soon and that they do the trick.

Jen x

hi, had them once with a relapse, couldnt sleep untill the early hours, bought me out in a nasty itchy rash, but all that said helped with the relapse! Tony…

I don’t get on well with the steroids, I refuse them now - out of 6 times, they have helped once. I have had them through IV, in a drink and in pill form. They taste disgusting, even when getting them through IV I got the taste coming from the back of my mouth - this taste lasted for about a week after the course had finished, so I had to force myself to eat. I felt like I’d had a kicking, especially around my neck, shoulders and ribs, and I didn’t sleep well.

However, not everybody has the same experience,

Luisa x

Thanks for all the replies. Steroids have worked when I’ve had them and my leg weakness is already feeling better but I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus today. Weak, dizzy and drained. Have spent today in bed.

Hi louise hope ur well, i had my first lot of steroids last year for a horrible relapse, must say that after day 3 i was a whole lot better mobillity wise, but came out in an horendous itchy rash on my arms and chest, but all said and done they done the trick!!! regards Tony…

i have to admit i kinda like the steroids… Ok i f’in love them lol The only way i can describe what i get is what i would imagine sucking souls would feal like . Dont like the bitter taste i get in the back of my mouth but thats as bad as it gets for me